What is AMSR?

asmr post imageHello there, you may have stumbled upon this article because you are a fellow ASMRer (if that is even a word) or you may not even know what ASMR is but you have searched about that tingling feeling you get in your scalp when you are exposed to certain stimuli either way I want to tell you that you are not alone, ASMR may not seem like a widespread thing but more people have it than you think you are not weird or out of the ordinary if anything what you have is a good thing!

What prompt me to write this post is one that it goes along well with this site and obvious I have it and want to spread awareness but two is that yesterday I saw an ASMR video on the front page of Youtube! These videos are made to trigger the tingling feeling. ON YOUTUBE! The biggest video sharing community on the web! It is getting widespread recognition.

So what is Autonomous sensory meridian response?

The long version of ASMR is above and was created by people in the ASMR community in order to have the condition taken seriously as there is no scientific proof of the condition exsisiting, there was even a time when the WIKI page was taken down for this reason. It is also known by people as ‘the tingles’ brain orgasms’ ‘braingasms’.

It is a condition that causes people to feel (pleasurable) tingles on their scalp and even all over their back and neck and rarely on their whole body when they hear certain sounds/voices or are exposed to certain stimulus generally this is when a person is giving them close person attention. It is a physical sensation that can also be induced through thinking about the sensations. Many people say that ASMR doesn’t even exist or they say it is something else that the person is feeling, the problem is there is no way (that we know of yet) to test people externally for it as their are no accompanying physical symptoms.

Why do people have ASMR+ how many have it?

There is no known reason why people have it but there are a few theories floating around such as:

  1. It could be something we have carried on from our ape counterparts which we evolved from, when they used to groom other apes of tics and bugs they got a pleasurable tingling sensation as an inbuilt natural reward for looking after another ape which would have been crucial to their survival.
  2. It comes from a sensation some people haven’t grown out of from when they were a little baby and their mother gave them soothing personal attention and used a soft voice. The benefits of this are obvious, like the above example this would be beneficial in creating a good mother-baby bond which is again crucial for survival.

What triggers ASMR?

The thing is there are different triggers for different people and while someone may be affected by one person’s soft voice they may not be effected by someone else’s soft voice and therefore some people may go their whole life not knowing they have the condition until an odd stimulus creates the symptoms. Some widespread triggers are:

  • People whispering
  • Tapping or scraping noises
  • Softly spoken voices (mine)
  • Accented voices
  • Close personal attention such as grooming (getting make up done or getting your hair shaved)
  • Watching someone do an intricate activity like drawing (mine)
  • Infomercials/long instructional videos

Bob Ross

I recently found out about Bob Ross thanks to the community of ASMRers out there that gave the suggestion and yes I get the tingles when watching the videos, I think it is because of all of the scraping of the knives and the way he pays very close attention to what he is doing. Not every person is going to get the same effect but there are tons of other channels out there that parody the style of Bob Ross purely to help you get the tingles.

A community!

There is an amazing community out for the people with the tingles, the main one is the Youtube community where there are literally hundreds of videos of role-playing, noises, soft spoken monologue. Many of the top ASMR video makers have millions of viewers and thousands of subscribers which just goes to show how big the community is. Many of the most popular videomakers also have associated blogs aswell and there are also specialized forums out there so you are not alone.

Best videos for ‘that tingling feeling’

I only recent got into watching videos for ASMR, I am aware that if you watch too many videos you can actually become desensitized to the effect so I normally just wait for it to happen naturally which to be honest is not very often. Many people use these videos for relaxation and even to get to sleep.

One thing I want to point out is that many of the people watching these videos do it for the wrong reasons they may have a certain fetish or are attracted to the people in these videos which to me hinders what these people are trying to do.

ASMR is not a sexual thing and it shouldn’t be made to be that way. Think of how uncomfortable someone would be to make videos for genuine AMSRer if they got rude/crude comments from people with the wrong intentions. Please keep this in mind whilst watching, thank you.

One of my favorites:


Sources for research:



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